Program Overview

In all of Yimba Uganda's programs, we prioritize running sustainable, empowering programs that educate, train and equip Ugandans with the resources, training and information they require to become economically independent and socially responsible members of society, whilst effectively participating in the development of their own communities.

Tailoring Fashion and Design Course

YU’s Tailoring, Fashion and Design course runs annually, equipping Ugandan youth with the knowledge, practical skills and training they require to pursue a promising career within the fashion industry, whilst empowering them to financially independent and self-reliant.

Music Mentorship Program

YU’s Music Mentorship program works in partnership with Backyard Studios to provide youth a safe, nurturing space for them to pursue and grow their talent of music.

Agriculture Project

YU’s Rural Empowerment Project, also known as the ‘Goat Loan Project’ provides widows and single mothers residing in rural Uganda with a tangible form of capital, encouraging them to invest in their futures through development of sustainable income generating businesses, promoting financial independency and security.

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