Yimba Uganda (YU)

Vision, Mission, Aims and Objectives

Our Mission…

Equipping Ugandan youth with sustainable income generating skills!

Our Vision…

A society of empowered young people, who are economically independent, socially responsible and actively participating in the development of their communities.

Our Aims and Objectives…

  1. Empower Ugandan youth with entrepreneurship/economic resources to reduce unemployment.
  2. To promote and increase access to vocational education among young people to reduce job seekers and have more job creators.
  3. To employ young people with the rights and skills for successful living in the social, political and economic spheres of life.
  4. Increase young people’s access to reproductive health services and education.
  5. Create a platform to promote young people’s participation in the development of their local communities.

Registration Number



ABN Number (Australia)

32 604 668 559

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