Backyard Studios Music Mentorship Program

Yimba Uganda's Music Mentorship program works in partnership with Backyard Studios to provide youth a safe, nurturing space for them to pursue and grow their talent of music.

Music Mentorship Program

Yimba Uganda’s Music Mentorship program provides a platform in which passionate youth are provided training, education and access to specialist technology and equipment to grow their love and talents for music. 

Classes offered range from instrument training (Jazz drums, electric, bass and acoustic guitar, keyboard), vocal coaching, singing and song writing, live event sound, audio production and engineering and how to engage music as a business. 

Through this course, youth are able to connect with promient and established Ugandan artists to act as their mentor, helping them to develop their art, distribute their music on radio, introduce them to the Ugandan music industry whilst most importantly acting as a positive role model.  The music industry in Uganda is a constantly growing and evolving industry and provides youth with the opportunity to sustain a promising career and obtain an income through music distribution, live performances and producing and recording music.

We have also found that through this program the creativity of youth is ignited and they are spending more time positively channelling their time and energy into their music, spending less time on the streets and getting into trouble.

Backyard Studios also offers studio sessions to the general public as a way to generate an income to run the youth programs.

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