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Creating incomes through farming and agriculture!

Yimba Uganda’s first program in 2013 was a Goat Loan program, that provided goats as a form of capital to Ugandans residing in rural areas as a way for them to support their families. This program was highly successful, providing the recipients with an opportunity to utilize the sale of goats offspring as a form of income to pay school fees, renovate their houses and commence businesses. This program is now running sustainably and is under full community ownership which is so exciting!

From the success of our Goat Loan program, Yimba Uganda was inspired to offer this program to the youth as a rural Agriculture program. Yimba Uganda provides 5 goats (4 female, 1 male) and a goat holding pen,  to dedicated youth, coupled with extensive business training and planning to enable them to successfully grow and develop their farm into a sustainable income generating business.  As the program progresses, we plan to offer other forms of  live-stock as business capital, such as cows, pigs, chickens etc.


Through YU’s goat loan program, Jaja Cecelia was able to continue to sell her goat’s offspring in exchange for building materials to help in the construction of her house. Jaja Cecelia is now running the Goat loan program helping other women in her community!

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